Sunday, July 15, 2012

More USB Microscope Camera Shots

Yesterday we finally received quite a bit of rain. You could almost feel the ecosystem saying "THANK YOU."

I have been working morning, noon, and night either working the museum or making art so again I have not made time to go out and hike. So for today's blog posting I pulled out the USB microscope camera.

Here is a micro photo of ground pepper.

The next two shots are of salt.  The first is freshly ground salt.  The second is iodized salt.  The difference between the two can be compared to sediment that has and has not been eroded.


Water level bands in a Brazilian agate...

Mineral inclusions on the inside of the husk of a Brazilian agate....

The next two photos are close ups of one of my perennial flowers.  I think it is called Bee Balm.

Here is a close up of lavender.

The next two are close ups of clover....

This one is catnip...

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