Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Interstate Park

Yesterday friends, Gerald and Jill, and I both drove our vehicles to Interstate Park. This is a double state park with one in Wisconsin and the other in Minnesota. These parks are located around an hour east of Minneapolis near St. Croix Falls, WI. The parks are on either side of St. Croix River.

The coolest part of the park we have seen so far are the grindstones.  These are rounded rocks found in potholes in the river that formed in the post-glacial river.  The following series of graphics tell the story.

Then rocks get caught in the potholes and swivel with the currents.  Over time, the rock is ground round.

Here are some more shots of the St. Croix river.

Gerald and Bruce.

The damn located upriver from the campground.

You can see how the boulders have been worn smooth along side of the river.

There are towering cliffs everywhere in the park.

The leftover remains of an earlier stage of a dragonfly's existence.

Along the river is this brass plaque.

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