Thursday, July 26, 2012

Interstate Park -- Post 3

Yesterday was HOT. We went over to one of Jill's agate friend's house. Mark lives southeast of Minneapolis, but not too far out of the way. Jill and Gerald camped there last night. I bought a few agates (Mark had more than you can even imagine including 50 gallon drums full of Lakers), and then headed to the Marriott West Hotel. My GPS system took me to I94, which was a huge mistake. It took me 2 hours to drive 40 miles. It has been years since I've had to drive in a traffic jam like that. Since some of you blog followers probably have to drive in traffic every day, I should consider myself lucky.

But in the mean time I'll have to catch up on the photos I've taken and not yet posted. Today I'll post the last of the photos from Interstate Park.  After the first hike, Jill and I went back to the camp site to get Gerald.  We repeated the first hike walking in the opposite direction.  We knew Gerald would want to see the potholes.  Then we walked the Horizon Rock trail over to the ice age interpretive center.

There was an old CCC shelter along the trail.

Two grinders outside the ice age interpretive center.

A display of Native American artifacts....

The following map shows the current east coast shoreline.

The map below shows the shoreline during the last ice age.  The ocean levels were much lower so the coastline was quite a bit different than it is today.

When we were walking the road back to the camp site, this guy flew by around 40 mph on a skateboard.  He was yelling all the way down, which would have probably registered on the video he was shooting.

Jill spotted this vulture up in a tree.  Even the vulture was hot.  It seemed as if he was spreading his wings to try to cool off.

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