Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Exchange Show Before Agate Days

It was a long drive to Moose Lake after working way too many hours for the three days before I left.  I didn't get as much mineral art made for the two Minnesota shows as I wanted, but I did the best I could.

The drive to Moose Lake, MN is only 380 miles, but it felt like a lot longer due to my sleep deprived condition.  But I made it and it feels terrific being here. 

I met up with friends, Jill and Gerald, at an alternative camp ground in Moose Lake.  June's massive flood took out the campground next to the school at which we usually stay.  This place is not as convenient since it is located four miles across town -- but at least we have somewhere to stay.

After taking Jill out to breakfast yesterday, we headed over to the school to set up the booth.  They gave me extra space this year which will make the booth easier for potential buyers to access product.  Sometimes this show gets nuts with the number of people.

But actually, on the way to breakfast we noticed that some of the agate dealers were already setting up at the "exchange."  This is the informal show before the show in the parking lot of the AmericInn.  We both purchased a few rocks just to start the day.

Then after finishing setting up the booth, we went back to the exchange.  We found out that our dear friend, Terry Roses, has been having some health issues. It was good to see him.

Here are a couple of Terry's agates.  This first six pounder requires two photos.

Nice two pounder...

Agates, agates, and more agates...

Jill and Gerald agate picking....

The beautiful sky last night....

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  1. C'est bien! I would be broke if I went there. I might need a bank loan just to visit Grand Marais.