Monday, July 23, 2012

Moose Lake Agate Days -- Post 2

Yesterday was a hot one here in Moose Lake, MN. Actually, in the gym where my booth is it wasn't as bad as it was outside. The hot temperatures kept some of the people away, however, so crowds were light. Sales for the two day show were better than I expected -- more than last year. Hopefully that will help me catch up a bit on the numbers since I am down overall for the year by quite a large amount.

A few more photos of by booth, featuring the lamps.

Last year the photographer for the book, Tom Shearer, and I agreed to trade Kentucky agate specimens.  In the craziness before I left I forgot to bring him his specimen, so I'll have to ship it.  But here is the one I am getting.  It weighs around 5.5 pounds.

The other night I went out with Ana de la Santos, who owns the Argentina  condor agate mine.  Here is a picture of Ana and some of the Argentina agates.

A shot of some of the dealers in the gym...

This monster Laker is for sale for big bucks.

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