Friday, November 30, 2012

First Winter Hike -- Post 2

Today I'll post a few more pictures from my hike in the Sable Falls area, as well as a movie that I compiled.  Today I"ll be leaving for my last show of the year:  the TV6 art show in Marquette.  It is always great to go to Marquette.  I not only like the town, but I get to spend time with my friends, Jimmy and Helen.

As for an update regarding the online rockhounding adventures, I did finish another segment and had good progress on the last segment that I'm editing for the first adventure.  This segment should not take as long to edit.  Then I'll continue with the segments of the second adventure.

But first I'll include a couple pictures of two custom agate windows that I finished and shipped this week.

A few of the photos that I did not include in the video....

Here is the video.  I must admit that I am good at framing photographs, but taking videos is not my strong point.  To take the video footage I had to take my glove off.  The 20 mph and cold temperatures made the chill factor temperatures in the teens -- which created a challenge to hold the camera.  Plus the snow flurries gathered in a couple of spots on the lens, but at least you can seemingly go on the hike with me. 


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  1. I love going on your hikes with you. The video was a joy to watch. I've hiked some of that area but never in the cold of winter. Thank you for sharing.