Friday, November 9, 2012

Lake Superior Beach Walk

Before getting to today's photos, I would like to give an update on the online rockhounding adventures. I have been in the process of seeking permission to use the photographs and videos that I used in the first draft, all of which I took off the Internet. This is a VERY tedious process. It is also frustrating when people do not respond, which is happening a lot with some of the YouTube videos. As a result, I have decided to make more of the video clips myself. It is taking at least a day to compile each video. I must admit that I am enjoying the process. I have also joined one of the photo sharing services. Although this increases the cost of "The Project," at least I won't have to worry about seeking permission for each and every photo. But this is taking more time, too. So I have made the decision to not worry about when I am done. I've made arrangements for the upload of the first two adventures and these logistics are being implemented. So I'm going to hit it hard with the creative process and just keep on working. Once the second draft of the first two adventures, which include nine segments, then the process of publishing them to the web page should go smoothly (I hope).   I'll keep everyone informed.

When I downloaded the photos from my camera yesterday, I missed the beach pictures that I took when I walked through the dunes, down the dune bluff to the beach, and up Sable River to the falls. So today I'll post the rest of those photos.

It was a gray day, but it was fairly warm with almost no wind.  All in all it was a wonderful walk down the beach.  For all of you agate hunters who wish you could be up here rockhounding -- these photos are for you.

With the wind that we have had lately, there are more downed trees in the woods and even along the sand bluffs than I think I have ever seen.

Here are a few photos from the mouth of Sable River.

Another new park service sign.

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