Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Full Moon and St. Peter Cathedral

This past weekend I had a booth at my last show of the year.  When I left the Superior Dome in Marquette, MI and headed to my car -- the full moon was rising over Lake Superior.

When I have shows in Marquette, I am lucky enough to be able to stay at my friends' house (Helen and Jimmy).  I would like to thank them for a great time and incredible food including crab legs, lobster, prime rib, and more.  On Saturday night Helen and I decided to go to the Christmas carol performance at St. Peter Cathedral.  The event featured the Marquette Choral Society.  

Below is a photo of the church taken during the day.

The first church at this location was a log cabin.  When Bishop Frederic Baraga’s visit to the site, it was determined that a larger, more prominent church should be built.  Construction began  In 1864, with Baraga himself laying the cornerstone. Two years later he dedicated the building.  Unfortunately a fire destroyed the church on October 2, 1879.  The church was rebuilt with Jacobsville sandstone adorning the exterior, which is the only part of the structure that survived another fire on November 3, 1935,  The cathedral was then constructed using elaborate marble work and Romanesque columns, as well as an extended nave and domes on the tops of the steeples. This church is one of around 200, including at least three other cathedrals, that incorporates the work of architectural sculptor Corrado Parducci.


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