Thursday, January 8, 2015

First Creek Snowshoe

Despite the cold weather and white-out conditions, my friend, Lois, and I have stayed true to our exercise pact.  Two days ago we decided to be brave and we snowshoed from the museum west past the campground and First Creek up the slope of the dune.  Our intention was to snowshoe back the beach to our cars, but I must admit that this time the beach was beyond us.  The wind chill on the beach had to be at least -30, so it just was not worth it.  We headed up the First Creek steps instead and walked the road back to the museum.  I did not get a lot of photos since it was just too cold to take my glove off.

First Creek steps...

The start of the slope up the dune, located just west of the creek.

Looking into the snow covered woods...

Part way up the dune.

Heading back down...

The lake was interesting.  Although it does not show in the photo, there was a considerable amount of slush on the lake's surface going out several hundred yards.  Most of the slush was just floating, but it will form into icebergs once the waves subside.

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