Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sunny Beach Ski

The day before yesterday the sun made me get outside.  This time of year with the lake effect machine, we do not get to see the sun very much.  I was going to ski the national park trails, but when I went to the post office -- the beach called me.

As I drove over to the beach, I passed by the bay and captured pictures of the first two ice shanties.  As the ice thickens, there will be more....

The photo below was taken with my zoom of the ice located across the bay and east of town.

Heading to the beach.

It is amazing how big the shelf ice is this early in the year.  If the ice keeps piling up, there may be incredible formations by the end of the season!

The lighthouse at the end of the breakwall is looking great!

Looking west....

Ice volcano hole...

The next two photos show an ice formation with blowing snow and without.

For the second day in a row I saw people out on the ice.

Nice formations...

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