Monday, January 26, 2015

Leelanau Peninsula Adventure -- Post 1

After attending the funeral over the weekend, I spent time with friends, Joan and Lynnette, in Traverse City.  We took a drive out the Leelanau Peninsula to snowshoe and explore.

First we drove the 30 or so miles out to the end of the peninsula and checked out the Grand Traverse Lighthouse.

There was some ice on the Lake Michigan shoreline, but nothing like what exists on Lake Superior. The sun was great, but it was cold.  The ambient temperature was around 14 but the wind chill was below zero.

Joan and Lynnette...

From the end of the peninsula, we could see several islands out on Lake Michigan.

There are huge cedar trees in the park.

We drove a couple of miles south and parked in a lot that gave us access to the trails.

We hiked one of the trails and then beelined it to the overlook platform.

The view....

One of the two Fox Islands....

The three of us...

I will post the rest of the photos tomorrow.

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