Monday, March 14, 2011

Dunes Snowshoe

I did not implement a blog update over the weekend since I am in the middle of doing bookkeeping and tax preparation. Although I did better last year keeping up with the bookkeeping, as compared to other years, I still have a few days of work. I wasn't even going to get outside to exercise, but yesterday mid-day the sun came out causing me to procrastinate for a couple of hours. I made up that time by working late last night. Hopefully I'll finish the bookkeeping today.

I wanted to get a good workout so I selected a hike that had different terrains. The warm temperatures make snowshoeing a challenge this time of year. You notice it most when you trudge across a field or in the deep snow in the woods. With every step in the soft and slushy snow, you sink in several inches -- even with snowshoes. It is definitely a calf burner. I enjoy the openness of the old farm fields -- this one over near Sable Falls.

I walked on the side of the cross country ski trail over to the foot bridge over the Sable River. With temperatures in the 30s the flow of the river has increased breaking up some of the river ice.

Instead of hiking all the way into the dunes, I went north right after the bridge. Although I've taken this route before, I never before noticed the view of the bridge through the trees.

Then I walked over to the bluff and enjoyed the view. This trip I used my new camera and could take advantage of the zoom.

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