Friday, March 11, 2011

Winter Scenes by Head Lamp at Night

Yesterday I did finally get out and exercise, but not until after it got dark. Friend, Renee, and I went snowshoeing my property. Between the out-west trip and being busy I have not head-lamped snowshoed much this winter. It was a beautiful night with very little wind and temperatures in the 20s.

First, a picture of the pile of snow from plowing my driveway. My out-building has a 12 foot ceiling, plus the roof line. So as you can see the snow pile is around 10 feet high. This is not as significant as past years since we have only received about 170 inches of snow so far this year. Of course, the winter is not yet over....

Here are a few shots of ice hanging from the roof of my house. The last picture shows ice that has been blown by the wind as it formed.

We received six inches of snow the other night, which is still sticking to the trees.

My garden is sitting and waiting for spring.

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