Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Grand Marais Winter Scenes

Today's photo postings include some winter scenes taken while I was out snowshoeing. This first one was taken from the dunes. The wave patterns caused some interesting patterns on the surface of Lake Superior.

Each day the icebergs change.

On this day there was a lot of floating ice just beyond the fixed icebergs. As the waves came in, the floating ice was undulating with motion.

This shot was taken down the center steps in Woodland Park. Usually this time of year one of my favorite things to do is to ski down the beach. That is not going to happen this year unless we get dumped on with more snow. This is the second year in a row we have had very little snow.

I decided to snowshoe in the woods toward Sable River. Last fall I noticed from the Ghost Forest side in the dunes that a lot of the trees had been blown down just east of the dunes. I suspect that the same storm that blew this section of the forest down was also responsible for snapping off the trees over by Sable Lake -- photos that I posted a couple of months ago.

On one of the snowshoes I climbed up the back side of the large dune located just west of First Creek that is at the west end of Woodland Park. This is the "hump" that you can see along the shoreline from town. On top of this dune are what I call the Three Sister Trees.

I had climbed up there in the past, but probably not for 20 years -- and never before in the winter. There were a lot of branches in the way, but the view of the bay and of Coast Guard Point (notice the brick red building, which is North Shore Lodge)was fantastic.

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