Thursday, March 17, 2011

Soon to be Spring Dunes

By the way, I posted the blog stats yesterday, but I forgot to thank all of you who visit the blog. I appreciate your visits and thank you for the encouragement to keep on posting pictures on this photo blog.

I am way too busy finishing custom orders and making my art for the first show of the year in Escanaba this weekend, but yesterday I just had to get out for some exercise. First I tried to drive past the Sable Visitor's center, but the slush was still a bit too deep. So I snowshoed down the road and into the dunes. I must admit that the dunes are the most photogenic this time of year with a mixture of snow and sand.

There is still one fish shack out on Sable Lake. All those on Grand Marais Bay have been removed. Hopefully the owner of the one on Sable Lake will retrieve it soon. These 40 degree temperatures are melting the snow and ice quickly.

The mini-erosion patterns in the dunes tell the melt story well.

I snowshoed my property the other day. Around 50 feet past the south boundary of my property there are a bunch of farm equipment. It looks like someone in the 1930s or so parked them and there they sit!

During that same snowshoe I tromped through the woods over to the meteor. Once I crossed William Hill road to be on the same side of the road as the meteor, I headed through the woods trying to avoid the snowmobiles. Even though I know where the meteor is, I went too far west and missed it. I ended up on the boat ramp road and doubled back. The snow may be melting in the dunes and around town, but let me tell you it is still deep in the woods. That trek was exhausting. Of course all the downed trees added to the challenge. With all the wind storms we have had, the woods look like an obstacle course.

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