Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring is not far away

Now that I have completed the room swap in my house for the most part, as well as my accounting, tax preparation, and custom orders -- it is time to start developing the online rockhounding classes. As I reported on either this blog or on my web page, I am developing the classes using a technique I learned in graduate school called "The Future's Language." It is a process used to develop active learning exercises focusing totally from participant's perspective. Using the process, yesterday I wrote the conceptual map and started to collect information into a data base. I'll be conducting the research over the next couple of weeks and then will compile it into the online rockhounding adventures. After that I'll have to test the class content and structure before turning it over to my webmaster for conversion to the Internet format. This will be a fun process. I am hoping for a launch of the classes in June, but it could be either in May or July depending on how things go.

Last night we had a nice sunset after glow.

This week I have snowshoed around in the woods a couple of times as well as skied the old farm fields. In the spring the snow condenses, sometimes helped by light rain. When we have cold nights, the remaining snow freezes solid allowing you to walk or ski on top. It is especially fun in the fields because you get a terrific glide and can seemingly float around the field. The skiing is almost effortless.

As I have walked around the woods and skied the fields, it is amazing how many "artifacts" you see. I didn't take pictures of all of them, including several old items in the fields by Sable Falls. Below are some of the items I have seen.

I also walked around the bay the other night. The ice is starting to melt, but it is still too early to tell if the sand has piled up more to further widen the beach. It looks like the high water mark has receded another 100 feet or so, further widening the beach on the south side of the bay.

The water is really flowing out of the Sucker River. It looks like the river has moved further west as it's mouth is now a hundred feet wide.

In my yard the snow is also starting to recede. Objects are now starting to show through. Although there is still two feet of snow in the woods, out in the open there are bare spots. In my yard the snow is less than a foot deep.

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