Friday, March 25, 2011

Dunes Snowshoe

Winter temperatures have returned to the Lake Superior shoreline, thanks to a high pressure north of us in Canada that is swinging cold air our way. I have been sitting at my computer all week working on bookkeeping, so I just had to get out into the dunes. Temperatures were in the 20s with a brisk north wind, so the wind chills were in the single digits. But it was beautiful...

The road commission has plowed at least the surface layers of snow and ice off the road all the way to Sable Lake. That is an advantage for those of us who want to hike in the dunes. The lake effect clouds roll onto land, leaving gaps of sunshine in between. That was evident on Sable Lake. All of the ice fishing shacks have now been removed from the lake.

Once into the dunes, I headed northwest and took a slightly different path than I have before. And wouldn't you know it. I found yet another telegraph pole about half way over to Lake Superior.

The dunes this time of year with the contrast of sand and snow is perhaps my favorite time of the year. At least the dunes are photogenic.

For those agate hunters that are waiting for the ice to break up on shore -- it has not happened yet as you can see.

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