Friday, March 4, 2011

Still More Winter Scenes....

Depending on the day, the ice cover on the bay changes significantly. Sometimes the wind breaks up the ice. Other times a thin layer forms. Still other times the entire bay is ice and snow covered.

Here are a couple of shots taken of the icebergs from Gobel Beach, located east of town. Sometimes we snow shoe out there, but on this day we skied. There are just enough hills en route to make it a fun cross-country ski.

On the days that it is not too windy, which is not often, I still like to snowshoe in the dunes. Every time I must check out to see what the shore line looks like.

A couple of shots taken in the woods.

Over the last couple of days we have FINALLY received some snow. I would say that we received eight to ten inches of fluffy snow. When you live in the U.P. it is best to be prepared. Friend Renee always travels with a broom in her car during the winter. When you have lots of snow on your car a regular window scraper just will not do.

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