Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Marquette Presque Isle Pictures

This past weekend I went to Marquette for several reasons. One was that I had to deliver to one of my Grand Canyon clan the items she purchased at the Tucson Gem show when we were out west. I also attended the Builder's' Show and made some contacts for acquiring new tower lamp rock bases. While there I snowsnoed a couple of times with friends, including one trek on Presque Isle. It was a beautiful day and a great snowshoe.

Here is Helen ready to go....

Some of the ice formations around the island were incredible.

The breakwater with harbor light separates the pancake ice from the harbor. Because of the power plant's outflow, the water on the right side of the breakwater is not frozen.

The pancake ice was beautiful.

Reflections on the ice.

The Superior Dome from Presque Isle.

On the way to Marquette, this canine was standing on the side of the road. At first I thought it was a wolf. Another car stopped and together we were able to read the dog's collar and call the owner -- who did come and get him. It is a huskie and not a wolf. Just for curiosity sake, I have included pictures of both a wolf and the huskie. Although they are similar, there are certainly differences in their appearance.

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