Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Sucker River is Migrating West

I don't have a lot of time right now since I'm heading over to the school to teach a unit about fossils to the elementary kids. But I do want to post some of the photos that I took yesterday. I wanted to see how far the Sucker River has moved west toward town. Along the south side of the bay a dune has formed on the south side of the beach. This is the area where around 1,000 feet of sand has deposited in the last ten years or so. The Sucker River, which used to enter Lake Superior down by the cemetery is now pushing and carving itself west. It has now carved a new path at least a half mile long, maybe more, and it is still moving. Locals tell me that it has already moved a couple of hundred feet this year! It will be interesting to see how far it migrates. The first two shots below are of the river's mouth. The third shot shows the bend that the river takes just before it empties into the lake. At the apex of that bend the river is carving away the sand, allowing it to move west.

It is hard to hand hold my new camera for a full zoom shot and maintain the image's focus, especially when you are standing in the wind, but I managed to do it to get this shot of the lighthouse. It will still be a while before any of the fishermen can cast a line off the pier.

Here are several shots of the frozen bay. I especially like the volcano-like cone that formed this blow hole.


  1. Thanks for the tour of the Sucker River mouth and the Lake Superior beach in winter, Karen.

  2. Hi Karen, nice post. Thanks for the great photos of GM.