Thursday, March 24, 2011

School Forest and Grand Marais Bay Photos

The high sun angle and recent thaw melted a lot of snow in the exposed areas. That is not the case in the woods. I went on a couple of snow shoes this week in the school forest. The slushy snow makes it a challenge. You can see from the Sucker River shots below that there is deeper snow on the west and north sides of the river than there is on the south and east sides.

Here is a shot of my friend, Kim, who was leading the way along the river.

Now that the sun is coming around more to the west, we are starting to get some nice sunsets. Here are a few shots of the bay with the after-glow of sunset. The bay is still frozen, but I don't think that is going to remain so for very much longer. Notice the two deer in the second photo below.

One of my friends came across this old Grand Marais souvenir, purchased decades ago.

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