Monday, August 8, 2011

Beach Sunset

Last week was quite the haul making product for the Ishpeming show. Overall the show went well, although most all of the dealers including me were down in sales from last year. It was very hot to start the day and then we had isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. Thankfully, we didn't get much rain where we were -- although I think it rained all around us. I'll post photos from the show tomorrow.

I arrived back in time yesterday to open the museum the usual Sunday hours from 2-5pm. Then I went camping with friends east of town. Our first two spots were taken, but I enjoyed camping at our third secret local-yokel spot. We cooked dinner over an open fire and enjoyed the sunset. We were hoping that the northern lights would come out, since they were out on Friday night (which I didn't see but others did). We were disappointed that there was not a light show in the northern sky, but we had a terrific and relaxing night.

I liked the sun angle on the trees as I drove through the woods to our secret spot.

The ferns and blueberries are peaking right now.

Here is the view from where we car camped.  It was a little bit farther to the beach than our first two preferred secret spots, but still very doable.

Potatoes cooking....

As the sun went down, the colors changed dramatically.

What a great beach fire we had.

As usual, I couldn't refuse taking a couple of shots of the moon.

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