Friday, August 19, 2011

Sunset Walk Along the Bay

Last night after closing the museum I decided to go for a sunset walk along the bay. It was an absolutely gorgeous summer evening with calm winds and temperatures in the lower 70s. I'm not sure why, but the sunset's colors last night were fabulous.

First, I cut through a friend's yard to get to the beach.  On the way I captured this perennial flower.

Notice the pink sky at the top of this photo, as well as the colors in all the photos below.  These are the actual colors -- no Photoshoping needed.

The sky was so colorful that even the individual grains of sand celebrated by reflecting the color.

So did the water and the waves......

I couldn't resist capturing this small fishing boat entering the channel and going by the lighthouse.

The shadows in the bay surrounding the fishing boat when they were headed toward the marina deserved documentation.

And now enjoy the sunset.

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