Thursday, August 18, 2011

Governor Visit and Grand Marais Bay Photos

On Monday Governor Snyder stopped by for a few minutes in Grand Marais during his UP tour. I was working the museum, but my son and daughter-in-law, Jonathan and Jessica, attended the event.  He was here to acknowledge the money he put as a line item in his budget to fix the bay.

Here are a few shots of the bay as it looked last night on a terrific summer evening.  The planned breakwater is supposed to stretch from the east breakwall (top right side of first photo below), across and dissecting the bay at a 55 degree angle.  Although the project is out on bid right now, a museum patron told me that he checked the Army Corp of Engineer's list of projects, which does not have building the new breakwater on the list.  Maybe all the details and logistics are still not final.

Jonathan and Jessica snapped a few updated of the disc golf course, which is located 4 miles east of town in our school forest.  If you are in town and want to play the course, drive east on H58 and look for the school forest sign, with the disc golf sign attached.

All of the holes are now marked with the length and rough outline.

The new outfitter store is now open in Grand Marais.

I spotted the first fall colors yesterday while driving down the hill into town.

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