Thursday, August 25, 2011

Masse Homestead (Log Slide) Trail and Dune Hike -- Post 2

Today I'll post the rest of the photos from my hike on Sunday. Yesterday and today are very fall-like. Temperatures are cool with a stiff breeze coming off Lake Superior. 

The hike continues with another slightly different view of Au Sable Point, taken from the middle of the hike from the Masse Homestead campground and the bluff over looking Lake Superior.

Here is the view looking east after I reached the bluff.

I have not experimented with the interesting artistic variation you can achieve by playing with an image in Photoshop, but for what ever reason this morning I decided to do so.  The image below was manipulated by significantly increasing the color saturation as well as the contrast, and slightly changing the color hue to be more red.  Normally I do not alter images, other than to slightly change the image to match what it looked like in person.

I found a spot out of the wind, which was blowing around 15 mph.  As I was sitting and having my picnic dinner, I noticed that the variable wind had blown the vegetation in circles, making it appear like the branches were trying to dig themselves out.

While waiting for the sunset, I walked around to capture a few more shots.  There was a little valley with lots of baby white pines as well as the red berries in the ground cover.  What a happy little community.

Enjoy the sunset.

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  1. you take such beaautiful photos.
    Terry Straubel