Monday, August 1, 2011

Grand Marais Sun Rise -- Post 3

Here are the last of the photos from my early morning walk out onto the Grand Marais west pier.  As you walk out the west pier, you first have several concrete sections.  Then there are a handful of sections with large blocks of what I think is dolomite.  Each of these cribs is surrounded by steel as well as a cement bow-tie shaped connector.  Here is a shot taken half way out looking back south towards the light house keeper's house.

This shot shows the edge of the cribbing as well as the cement sections.

Turning back north you can see that the stone-filled sections give way to several sections that are filled with concrete.

The sandpipers were everywhere.

Years ago they installed several vertical posts with life rings.  These could not endure the waves of November nor the winter's ice.

I couldn't refuse this geometric shot.

Here is a close up of some of the stone blocks.  You can see the drill holes into which the miners inserted dynamite.

This is the view from near the end of the pier looking west.

This is a close up looking toward the top of the harbor entrance light.

One of the support struts on the lighthouse also did not withstand the forces of nature.

Looking straight south from the end of the west pier.

Walking back to the car I noticed that there are piping plover nests on this beach, too.  I have not heard about the fate of these chicks.

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