Thursday, August 11, 2011

Log Slide Sunset

My son and daughter-in-law, Jonathan and Jessica, came back up to Grand Marais yesterday. It is great having them here for the second time in a month. After I left the museum, we visited for a bit and then headed out to the Log Slide to watch sunset. We forgot how far south the sun is already setting. That combined with the shoreline angle did not allow us to see the sun set to the horizon.  For those who have not had the chance to visit the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, the log slide is the place where the lumberjacks used to slide the logs down to Lake Superior for transport to the mills in Grand Marais.

Here is a shot of Jonathan and Jess, as well as one of the three of us.

I never get tired of the view of the Grand Sable Banks, looking east from the log slide.

With the telephoto lens, you get a different perspective.

While watching the sunset, Jonathan noticed the surfers at the bottom of the Log Slide.  We later talked with the guys.  Apparently there are 60 to 70 guys from the Marquette area who surf the waves of Lake Superior.  They like the area below the Log Slide because of the way the waves come off Au Sable Point.  Ten or fifteen of the group are dedicated and drive anywhere in the U.P. where the wave action is happening.

Then we noticed them climbing up with the surf boards.  It is hard enough to climb up, I can't imagine doing it while carrying a surf board.

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