Saturday, August 27, 2011

Freighter, Deer, and Rockkhounds

Since I'm trying to make mineral art for my upcoming September and October shows, I haven't had much time to take pictures the last couple of days. So today's posting has just a few shots that I've captured while going about my business.

As I was driving down the hill into town on my way to the museum yesterday,I spotted this freighter heading west past Grand Marais.

On the way home from the museum I decided to drive H58 and spotted this buck on the curve by Sable Falls. 

Yesterday a group of women  from Newago, MI came into the museum. I think they were all related.  They told me they were making their annual pilgrimage to Grand Marais to "get stoned."  I must have looked quizzical, because they laughed and explained that they come up to collect beach rocks that they use in various craft projects.  Two of the group scoured the bargain bins.  No one else has ever pulled out and examined all of the rocks in the $3.00 bin.  They did buy about six of the specimens as well as quite a few other rocks.

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  1. As one of the ladies in the group, I can attest these two were EXTATIC about their $3.00 finds. It made their whole day! And then to see themselves on this blog. What a hoot! Thanks Agate Lady for your time and patience. :-)