Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beach Walk and Grand Marais Bay

I am back from down state -- arrived back home last night.  As much as I could sit and hold my new grandson forever, I decided that it is important for Jonathan and Jessica to bond with their son and start their new life.  I offered to stay around and help, but they agreed that they want to get used to their new addition.  Thanks Jonathan and Jess for one of the best gifts I've ever received:  a grandchild!

I would like to apologize to all those who may have tried to visit the museum on Friday and Saturday.  At least I came home earlier than expected and was open today for a pre-arranged agate class as well as regular Sunday hours.

For today's blog posting I'll include the rest of the pictures I took with Jamey and Lois on our hike east of town the other day.

There is a lot of black sand on the beach east of town.  There may be some gold mixed in with this black sand!

There is also a lot of driftwood...

Jamey agate hunting where no others will go....

Lois and I stayed where it was safer...

Jamey playing on the driftwood...

I took a few more shots of the bay from Jamey and Lois's house -- the Agate Cross B&B.  Notice the two different types of rocks used on the new breakwall.

When I arrived home, I took a picture of the last snow in my yard.  This was on May 16th.

But next to the snow was all new growth...

The next day I took a few shots from the condominiums on the north side of the bay while visiting friends.

And then a picture of the sunset after glow from my house.

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