Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kauai North Shore & Kalalau Trail

I would like to say that while on Kauai that I hiked the whole Kalalau Trail.  Unfortunately, I did not have time.  The trail runs along the coast of Kauai across the Napoli Coast.  You access the trail by driving the coast road counterclockwise around the island.


The trail is 11 miles long along the coast. 



The trail is not flat.

There are long stretches of the trail that is not only half way up near vertical rock faces, but the trail in many sections is only 18 inches wide.  There have been deaths of individuals who tripped and fell down to the rocks below.  I grabbed the photo below off the Internet.  I did not have time to hike to this section.
The trail was VERY rugged.

The basaltic lava rock was awesome.


The picture below was one of the first glimpses of the ocean below.

The vegetation along the trail was very photogenic.

Looking back to the beach where the trail starts.


More photos along the trail.



  1. Nobody has ever died on Kalalau Trail...

    1. I don't pretend to know, but I read that two people have and that one incident had been investigated as to whether it was an accident.