Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kauai's Little Grand Canyon --- Post 2

I am actually in Marquette right now at the WLUC TV6 Art Show.  Yesterday morning when I awoke -- it was snowing!!!!!  The same is true for today.  It is cold, very windy, and intermittently snowing -- again.  I thought we were done with winter, but nature has a different agenda.  I don't think any of the snow will stick on the ground, but .........

Today I'll post the rest of the photos from the Wilemea Canyon, located on the west side of Kauai.  Below is a NASA photo of Kauai.  The second photo has Wilimea Canyon circled.

The horizontal layers represent different lava flows.

Chickens, chickens, and more chickens....

The highway up the canyon has several overlooks.

Red crested cardinal...

At the end of the highway you not only get a glimpse of the ocean on the north side of the island, but also a glimpse of the Napoli Coast.


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