Friday, May 31, 2013

Unusual Trilliums and More

Yesterday Jamey and Lois and I did a short hike in the Sable Falls area.   I arrived a little early to get a few shots of the trilliums nest to the parking lot.

Many of the beach trees are dying due to the invasive disease.  Shelf fungi are taking advantage of the situation.  Some of the dying beach trees have hundreds of new shelf fungi.

The forests near Sable Falls are filled with trilliums.

A customer who came into the museum trusted me with information about where some very rare trilliums are located.  They have naturally mutated and have in some cases tripled the flower petals.

The trillium below has four instead of three petals.

I love marsh marigolds, too.

The ferns are all coming up.

And the butterflies are flying around.

With the full sun the color of Lake Superior looked almost Caribbean-like yesterday.

Erosion along the Grand Sable banks is more severe than I have ever seen it.

On the way back to the car Jamey found this frog along the river.

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