Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grand Marais Spring Beach

After a few weeks of blogging photos from my travels, I finally have caught up and will post some Grand Marais photos.  When I left on April 19th -- we were still in full blown winter with seven foot snow drifts and two to three feet of snow on the level.  When I arrived home the week before last -- it was spring.  Other than a couple of patches of snow shown in the next couple of pictures -- the snow had melted.

The first evening back, I just had to go down the beach to say hello to the lake.  I decided to go to Sable Falls to not only visit the beach, but also to see what the peak flow looked like over the falls.

Spring was just beginning on the forest floor...

Down the steps....

The falls were just roaring...

Next:  the beach.

Then I headed up into the dunes to watch the sunset.

Sable River's entrance into Lake Superior was quite evident.


You agate hunters will be happy to know that since we had a real winter with lots of moving ice on Lake Superior, there are a lot of rocks on our beach this spring.


The mysterious photo below is a freighter hiding in fog.

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