Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Internet and Email Issues

I arrived back home last night around 9:30.  Between the Minesotta/Wisconsin trip and the Hawaii trip, I have basically been gone for a month.  My two cats are VERY glad that I am home. 

My intention was to post a blog update early this morning.  However, when I checked my email I discovered that the account has been shut down.  I knew while I was at my son's house that someone had used my email address to send out spam since I received over 500 "failure" return emails.  Apparently, someone hacked into the email provider's accounte (yes--that is plural).  They shut down my account and we are still trying to remove the block.  At least my internet access has been re-established.  However, Blogspot is also not working right this morning.  It will not let me load any photos.  So there will not be a full posting until later today (I hope).

The one surprise when I arrived home is that almost all of the snow is gone.  When I left less than two weeks ago, the snow was still part way up my kitchen window on the south side of my house (@ 7 feet).  I fed the deer just before I left and post-hole walked through at least two feet of snow.  Now there are just a few small piles of snow.  Amazing.

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