Monday, May 6, 2013

Kauai Helicopter Tour -- Post 1

I am in Traverse City right now visiting with friends on my way back to Grand Marais.  I guess you could call this one last day of vacation.  They live on Cedar Lake with Grand Traverse Bay across the street.  What a beautiful piece of property.  We had a very relaxing cook out, bon fire, and sunset last night before playing some cards.  I cannot believe it, but today I'll be heading home.  I am sure that my cats have disowned me by now.

I'm still catching up with the Hawaii pictures.  Today I'll post the first half of the photos I took during the helicopter tour that I took while on Kauai.  It was the only way to really get a full appreciation of the incredible geology of the island.

There are numerous helicopter tour services on the island.  I checked out their safety records on the Internet.  The only company that has never had a fatality is Safari.  I went with them.

The next two pictures I took of our helicopter when it was landing with the previous tour.  The company runs 6-8 tours a day, each with six passengers.
Dana did a great job as our pilot.
The airport....
We headed west along the southern coast of Kauai.
The cruise ships were in the harbor.
We passed over a golf course.  I think I've seen the following green in a pro tournament before.
Then there were cliffs....
And cool inlets caused by tongues of lava flowing into the ocean.
A cattle ranch is in the photo below.  George Clooney was standing on a ridge above this ranch in the movie The Descendants.
The photo below shows the ridge that goes along the Wilemea Valley.
Continued tomorrow....

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