Friday, May 18, 2012

Carpenter Creek and Falls

Yesterday my friend, Jill, and I cleaned the museum. It is not an easy task since it requires moving lots of rocks. Today I will organize and put back together the gift shop.

Last evening I walked up Carpenter Creek with Jill's husband, Gerald. There is no question in my mind that this is an old glacial river.  Unfortunately, in times past people abandoned cars in the creek area.

We walked around a half mile up the creek.

With the lack of rain, there is not much water in the creek.

These large boulders were dragged here by the glaciers.

Another abandoned car...

More boulders....

Marsh marigolds...

The entire creek bed is lined with sandstone.

The neighborhood cat, Lola, walked with us.

Before we arrived at the larger falls, there are several smaller falls.

Gerald and Jill have named the falls after their grandson, Shea.  However, I think the official name is Carpenter Falls.  It falls over a cool grotto.

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