Friday, May 11, 2012

Trillium Trail Hike

I have spent the last two days making mineral art for the show this weekend in Marquette. I must admit that it was hard to switch gears since I would prefer to continue work on the online rockhounding adventures, but once I got into it I enjoyed having the soldering iron on again.

Today's blog update is dedicated to my son, Jonathan. I received the mother's day card he sent yesterday. It is the nicest and most heartfelt card I have ever received. Thanks, Jonathan, for making my day.

I did make myself hike yesterday, even though I ended up having to stay up very late to finish the art. Actually, I didn't quite finish. I still have to assemble the night lights and the bird sun catchers.

Around 7pm last night I parked at Sable Visitors' Center and walked the trail next to Sable River. The trilliums are in full bloom.

One of my favorite things in the spring is to observe and document signs of the forest "waking up" after a long winter (or short mild winter as was the case for Grand Marais this year).  It is all in the detail....

Then I decided to get off trail and I climbed up an old dune formation.  Up on top there was a long ridge....

Then I headed across the foot bridge into the dunes.  Late evening is a great time to document the sand dune detail...

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