Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marquette Hike -- Post 2

Today I will post the rest of the photos from the Marquette hike.   The summit at Hogback Mountain is around 1,200 feet.  Both Helen and I rested at the top for a while before having our picnic lunch.

The views from the summit were terrific.  The photos below shows Presque Isle, including a small freighter heading for the ore docks.

Granite at the summit...

Helen and I at the summit....

You can see the Superior Dome from the summit...

More views...

We enjoyed the hike down a whole lot.  The forest is quite inviting...

The guy who owns the cliff across from MDOT rest area told me to check out the rock.  It is stromatolite formation.  I have reported about this rock before on this blog.  Stromatolites were some of the first organisms on earth -- and they are still here in places like Australia and Bahamas. 


  1. Is that Canadian Shield I see? Nice shots!

    1. Brent:
      Most likely the intrusive igneous granite that makes up Hogback as well as Sugar Loaf Mountains are left over from the Penokean Mountains that formed across the Lake Superior region almost two billion years ago. This mountain chain formed when a "baby" continent called the Grenville Province craton collided with the Superior Craton, which was the main core of the Canadian Shield. No one knows for sure how tall this mountain chain was, but most think it was at least as tall as the Rockies, and maybe as tall as the Himalayans. Other than these small peaks, the mountain chain has long since eroded away.