Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Forest, Dunes, and Beach

Yesterday after leaving the museum and having dinner, I was trying to motivate myself to go out to hike and take photos for today's blog posting. Thanks to my friend, Helen, for the phone call that helped push me out the door.

I hiked in the Sable Falls area.    They have been cutting trees in the area.  I am not sure why they cut down the huge tree in front of the rest room building.  The tree was more than four feet in diameter.

When the trillium blooms near their end, they turn a darker purple color.

The new steps are almost completed.

There is a storm system off to our west and northwest.  We will not get rain here, but we can see the clouds off in the distance.  Unfortunately, the clouds blocked the sunset.

When it was extremely windy the other night, it caused Sable River to head down the beach.  The river worked its way to the east at least a couple of hundred feet. 

Last year the river entered Lake Superior under all the wood on the left.

It was easier last year to cross the river with all the wood.  This year it is a bit more difficult.

I decided to make a video at the foot bridge that crossed Sable River and connects the falls area with the Grand Sable Dunes.

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