Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sable Falls Area Hike

I went for a long hike all around the Sable Falls area this evening.  My goal was to get exercise as well as to investigate the acceleration of spring.  There are wild flowers everywhere.  One of my favorite, of course, is the trillium.

I originally planned on heading into the dunes, but instead I hiked the Sable River trail toward the Visitiors' Center.

At the "Magic Shelf Mushroom Tree" I went off-trail and bushwhacked up into the woods.  There is a certain freedom that I feel when I go off trail.  This is not a good time of year since the darn ticks are out, but I was in the mood.  The best way to investigate spring growth in the forest is to walk through the forest -- not on a trail.  But first, a couple of shots of the "magic" tree.

Then I headed through the woods.

I found a creek that is flowing through what appears to be an old glacier river valley.  There was a lot of up and down as I tromped through the woods.  Now I know why the trail goes around all of the glacial land forms.

When I climbed up one of the hills, I found these unfurling fiddle head ferns.

More up and down...

Is this shelf fungi dancing?

Trilliums and more trilliums....

I finally found the trail and took it back toward Sable Falls.  This is the trail bridge that goes over the creek from a few pictures back.  It would be interesting to walk this whole creek valley.  It would also be rugged.

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