Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lake Superior Beach Hike

The other night after hiking through the woods and into the dunes, I arrived at the bluff over Lake Superior.  It was certainly a calm and beautiful evening.

Here is a close up of a small piece of ancient drift wood that was laying on top of the sand.  Some of this "ghost forest" wood is several thousand years old.

Then I decided to go down the bluff to the beach.  Here is a photo looking back up at some of the birch trees.

The waves of Lake Superior are forever rearranging the rocks on the beach.

Another shot looking back up the bluff.  This time of year you have to always have an ear and an eye looking up since rocks are continuously working their way loose and tumbling down.

The ridges in the dunes are continuously wearing down, only to  reform with runoff from spring rains.  Of course in Grand Marais, we really have had little to no spring rain.

There are sections of the beach west of Sable River that have lots of rock.

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