Monday, May 28, 2012

Coast Guard Point Sunset

The wind cooperated yesterday and the extra crews assigned to the Duck Lake fire helped in gaining some control over the fire. The fire line is now 48 percent contained. The northeast line is fully contained; the northwest sector is somewhat contained; and a small section of the east line is contained. The fire is still 7 miles from Tahquamenon and 14 miles from Newberry. There is a chance for rain later today, but there is also the possibility of higher winds and more lightning. They are still trying to assess the losses, but at this point at least 100 structures have been lost including 29 homes as well as the Rainbow Lodge.

Last night I went down to Coast Guard Point. It was amazing. There were 45 cars in the parking lot as well as over 100 people fishing and enjoying the beautiful evening.  I have never seen so many people out on the break wall.

Work has started out on the end of Coast Guard Point in preparation of the project to build the rubble wall across the mouth of Grand Marais Bay.  Apparently the boulders are going to start coming down the hill on May 31st.  They have prepped the staging area by expanding the parking area.

Here are a few shots of butterflies that were feeding on the lilac bush next to the museum.

Sunset pictures from last night...

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