Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Magnified Images

Yesterday I had a lot going on so I decided to take the day off from hiking. I've started work on the museum and am building some new shelves plus a new mineral display. The museum will open for the season on Saturday. Hours in May and June are Sunday through Friday 2-5pn; Saturday 12-5pm. On July 1st I'll start the summer hours: Monday through Saturday 12-7pm; Sunday 2-5pm.

So last night i got the USB microscope camera out. I must admit that although the devise is not the easiest to use, I am having fun getting some of these images.

The first couple shots are of polished Brazilian agates.

The next two pictures are close ups of the agate I found in the Minnesota farm field a few years ago.

This is a picture of a carnelian section of the husk of the farm field agate.

How about that malachite?

The next three photos are of the moss agate I found on the beach in Grand Marais a couple of Mother's Days ago.  The first two shots are of the face polished side.  The third is a photo of the rough husk.

The next two photos are of Ocean Jasper orbs....

The next is a picture of Priday Agate from the Richardson Mine in Oregon.

A switch in subject:  this is a close up of my leather brief case.

What do you think?                                                               Yes -- my hair.

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