Saturday, May 5, 2012

Grand Marais Breakwater Moon Rise

This month the full moon is a super moon event. The official full moon is this weekend, but it is supposed to be cloudy here in Grand Marais. So last night I decided to go out to the harbor breakwater for moon rise. A super moon happens when the moon is closest to the earth. Because the moon is 50,000 miles closer to the earth, it appears 14 percent closer and almost 30 percent brighter. The next super moon occurs in 2029.

I arrived at the end of coast guard point in plenty of time, but due to hazy conditions east of town, the moon was not visible until it was well above the horizon.

As I was walking out onto the breakwater, I documented the freighter heading westbound.

There were a handful of people fishing. 

Views from the breakwater....

Then I walked over to the inner harbor lighthouse to get a shot of the rising super moon.

Since I had to walk by the commercial fisherman's memorial, I decided to document it. 

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