Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sable River, Dunes, and Beach Hike

Two nights ago I headed out in the evening for a hike. I parked at Sable Visitor's Center and walked down the Sable River trail into the dunes.

The forest along the trail is really waking up this spring.  Everything is at least three weeks early.  As you can see below, even the trilliums are coming up.

The water level in the Sucker River is very low.  Notice the sand bars below.

There was some clearing on the western horizon that allowed for some sunset color.

A couple of photos looking east....

I then hiked down the sand dune along the river and along the river to the beach.

I sat in the rocks and took a lot of pictures for use in the rockhounding adventures.  I lost track of time until I realized that I had to hike the two miles back to my car.  Also, while I was on the beach some rain clouds advanced from the south.  Because I was on the beach, I didn't see them.  Thankfully there were just a few sprinkles.  To walk back to my car, I decided to hike the cross country ski trails.

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