Monday, May 21, 2012

Grand Marais Bay Sunset

It was HOT in Grand Marais this weekend.  Temperatures were in the mid to upper 80s.  I am glad I installed the air conditioner in the museum -- I had to turn it on!  The opening was slow.  I had maybe a dozen people in on Saturday with some, but not many, sales.  Yesterday I had two people and zero sales.  So for all you people who have made comments about me not opening the museum in early spring -- there is just enough business to make it worth while.  However, I will maintain the hours from 2-5 each day except Saturday when the hours are 12-5. 

On Saturday night at sunset I decided to walk along the bay heading east.  The sky was quite colorful.

A zoom shot of the channel light house...

There were LOTS of fishermen on the break wall....

The Piping Plover are back.  I am hearing there are two nests again in the Grand Marais area.

This year they are supplying cages to try to protect the nests.

A fruit tree along the bay...

Here is a video I took the other night at First Creek.

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