Friday, May 4, 2012

Lake Superior Beach Video and Photos

I've gone for a couple of beach hikes this week to take pictures of rocks for the online rockhounding adventures.  Yesterday I collected specimens at First Creek so I can get some close up photos.  I decided to add an extra segment to the Lake Superior Agate rockhounding adventure.  I am creating a photographic identification key.  The key will help you identify beach rocks by having you answer a series of questions, referring to the photographs.  By clicking on the YES and NO responses, you will be able to identify over 20 different beach rocks.  Although I am featuring rocks from the Lake Superior shoreline, the information is relevant to igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks found throughout the world.  I'm not including all rocks found on our planet, but I am covering the most common.

For today's blog posting I'll include a couple of photos.

Here is a picture of what is left of First Creek, located on the west end of town.  There is not much water, so the creek is not reaching Lake Superior.

A fishing boat passed by....

Looking west....

Here is a video taken from the beach...

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