Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Macinac Island -- Post 5

I thought I would be able to finish the Macinac Island photos today, but there are too many. So I'll finish the photos tomorrow.

It is supposed to be warm in Grand Marais today with temperatures in the 60s. Tomorrow we could even see 70 -- but the thunderstorms are heading this way. That is OK since we seriously need some rain.

On Saturday we took a long walk on the island.  After doing some shopping down town, we headed up the hill by Fort Mackinac.

I wanted to climb farther up the hill, so we caught a road that went by Skull Cave.

Then we saw a trail that we have never hiked -- Henry Trail.  It took us up to the top of the island to Fort Holms.  I am not sure why we never walked up to the top of the island before, but I'm glad we did this time.  The old fort was neat as were the views.

Then we headed back down the hill toward our rental house.

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