Thursday, February 12, 2015

History Items For Sale -- Post 1

Background Information about this Sale
Last week I opened a closet full of archived museum items that I have not looked at for over 16 years.  I have decided to sell some of these items for a few reasons.  First, if I have not needed these things for 16 years -- maybe I don't need them at all.  Second, some of these items are either duplicates of what is already displayed in the museum, or they are items that do not lend themselves to display.  Third, the museum needs to raise some money.

I will post several blog updates in the next couple of days to present the items that are for sale. This blog is not the perfect way to sell these items, but it is a way for me to start -  -and it also avoids fees charged by online options, such as EBay.

I am listing each item with a firm (not negotiable) price.  The prices have been set to correlate with the market value based on similar EBay prices, the rarity of the item, and what I think is fair.  Note that all items are being sold in a as-is condition.  Keep in mind that many of the items are over 100 years old.  Also note that the quick photographs I took may not due the item justice.  Some of the photographs in particular look better in person.

If you are interested in buying an item, send me an email to either or  You can also leave me a personal message on Facebook.  My main Facebook page is under Karen Ann Penegor Brzys at  The buyer will be determined by the exact time of the email or personal message.  In your communication, please mention which blog post the item was listed in as well as the item reference number (not the file number for the photo since since some items have multiple photos).

The prices listed are firm.  The total price will be calculated prior to finalizing each transaction once I find out to where the item(s) must be shipped.  The listed prices include sales tax. Once you express an interest in an item, I will mark it "SALES PENDING." As soon as is possible, once an item is purchased -- I will mark it sold on the post.

I will be scanning all the photos and some of the other documents before I ship them to the winners.  Thus, if you do not successfully purchse one of the originals, you will have the chance to purchase high quality reproductions in the near future.

NOTE:  All sales of these items benefit the Gitche Gumee Museum.

CATEGORY 1:  Museum Founder's Original Paintings
The following nine paintings were hand crafted by the museum founder, Axel Niemi.  Other than those already hanging in the museum, this is all the original paintings that I have.  I am not sure, but I think they are done in acrylic paint.

Axel Art 001: Grand Marais, Michigan 1961 View
16" x 12", painted on a canvas board
On the back of the painting includes information about the painting.  The sketch was originally made in 1961; the painting was completed in 1965.  Decades ago Axel had a price on this painting of $40.00.

Axel Art 002: Black Eyed Fisherman
10" x 8", painted on a canvas board
On the back is hand written information that is difficult to read.  It says something like "GM Maldi Liberato, The Isellian."  The painting was completed on March 18, 1959 at 4a.m.

Axel Art 003: Grand Marais, Michigan 1895 View
16" x 12", painted on a canvas board
On the back of the painting includes information about the painting.  The perspective is from the #1 Mill dock, owned by the Marais LUmber Company mill.  In the background is the Conable Fisheries business.

Axel Art 004: Marais Lumber Company
16" x 12", painted on a canvas
$40  SOLD
This painting is on a canvas, not a canvas board.  The colors are not quite as bright as they are in the first three paintings, but it does have nice detail.  It appears that Axel never quite finished this painting since there are few areas sketched in, but not colored.  The view is from 1898.  This mill sat where the marina currently is located.

Axel Art 005  Grand Marais Agate Hunter
7" x 9", painted on a canvas, mounted in a frame, covered with glass, backed with Masonite
$40 -- SOLD
This painting was mounted by Axel into a small frame and covered with glass. No information is included on the back of what can be seen. 

Axel Art 006: Black Eyed Fisherman
10" x 14", painted on a canvas
This painting has the same name as #002 above.  The only information included on the back is the title.  At the top and bottom of the back are strips of wood that Axel must have used to hang the painting.

Axel Art 007: Grand Marais Bay
11" x 8", painted on a canvas board
This painting has some discoloring on the surface.  It is possible that it could be cleaned.  In the painting you can see the end of the channel, the original east breakwall, Seagull (or Lost) Island, and Lonesome Point.

Axel Art 008: Grand Marais Bay Activities
16" x 12", painted on a canvas Board
This painting has pencil cartoons that are hilarious.

Axel Art 009: Snagged
10" x 8", painted on a canvas board
This painting shows the scene inside the fish tug, Shark.  You can see two men pulling in the net using an automatic net lifter.  The right hand worker (maybe Axel's dad?) is also steering the tug with an auxiliary steering wheel on the right.  This must not have been easy since their working area is enclosed with no view of what is ahead.

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