Wednesday, February 25, 2015

School Forest Trek

Yesterday I went on a snowshoe with friend, Lois Fite.  We hiked down the road in the School Forest for a while, then looped through the woods near the river.

Yes, the snow is all the way up to the bottom of the sign, located at the entrance to the School Forest.

Disc golf course...


When I arrived home, I noticed that the snow plowing service still had not been to my house.  In fact, they had not plowed my driveway for almost two weeks.  Even my tank of a car could not get through the 12-15 inches of snow.  I got stuck.  After shovelling for an hour, I was still stuck.  I called my snow plow guy, his employee came and pulled me out, but not all the way to the street.  I got stuck again.  He pulled me out again.  I parked on the street (which is not safe when there is an off-and-on white out).  Finally the "yooper shovel" showed up.

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